Happy Father’s Day!!

20 06 2010

Tonight I took the family to see Toy Story 3. Since the first Toy Story came out when I was in Jr. High School it was a little weird taking my kids to see the final installment. If you haven’t seen the movie, all I’ll tell you is that Andy is all grown up and heading off to college leaving his once precious toys to face the same fate of my collection of GI Joes, Ninja Turtles, and WWF action figures (yes, way back when the World Wildlife Foundation shared an acronym with the sports entertainment giant).

Thanks to bottomless popcorn and overpriced soda my son had to use the bathroom several times during the movie. Under normal circumstances I would be greatly annoyed at this because, although the kids got in for free, my wife and I paid a lot of money to see this movie–and I want to see ALL of it! However, this movie was all about a little boy growing up and leaving his family, home, and childhood memories behind. I realized how precious every moment is with my kids and how one day they, too, are going to go off to college like Andy.

It helped me understand why my mom cried when I went to college, when I got married, when I moved to Sandpoint, and again last weekend when our family flew home from visiting to begin packing to move to Alaska.

Something else it helped me do was form a better perspective on my time with them. I as I stood there for the millionth time watching Judah pee with his pants clear down at his ankles–something I think would be funny to do as an adult–I realized that there’s going to be a point when he doesn’t need me to go to the bathroom with him. While I may find that nice at the time I need to soak up every moment that my kids need me–even the annoying ones. Yeah, someday I won’t have to break up my kids from fighting, I won’t have to clean up spilled and wasted milk, I won’t have to wipe up sticky hands after a meal, or wipe poopy bottoms and I will definitely relish in their independence and laugh at other parents in that stage. But, there’s a clock ticking on how much time I get with my kids before they’re out on their own living their lives and even the annoying moments are subtracted from that time.

So, today, enjoy your day, dads! It’s all about you! Watch what you want to watch, eat what you want to eat, scratch what you want to scratch, and tell your wife that there are no bedtime headaches allowed on your day! But, remember, someday your kids might not be there to physically spend that day with you, so, enjoy every moment you have with them. Even the ones you’d rather not have.




2 responses

20 06 2010
Lori Higgins

Awesome as usual Nick! Made me cry and made me laugh and made me miss my sweet little boy…Love you~Mommie

20 06 2010

Beautiful, Very well written and oh so true.You are a wonderful father and husband, we are very proud of you. Going to miss you and your precious family.Love you all very much—- Grandma

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